How can I add pagespeed and redis to my ee wp site?

Hi there!

I’d like to change my ee wp site, which I created using the following command:

ee site create --w3tc

Now I would like to change it, so it drops w3tc and instead add pagespeed and redis. Note that I set up a 100% SSL website.

Thanks for shedding some like in the dark :slight_smile:

Hello @SaskiaLund

You can use following EasyEngine command to update your site :

ee site update --pagespeed --wpredis

Please Note, while updating Site, Easyengine will remove any custom configuration entered in your site configuration.

So Please take backup of your custom code entered in your site’s nginx conf. You could later manually edit your site configuration with old custom code using command : ee site edit

To take backup :

  1. Use command ee site show

  2. Copy the whole output and keep in a temporary text file


Hi @Prabuddha !

Thanks for your detailed answer! I will try it and let you know in this thread if it worked out fine!


Update: It successfully updated my site with redis and pagespeed… now let’s configure pagespeed :smiley:

I must say: totally speechless about how flawless easyengine switched my “setup” from w3tc to redis and pagespeed using the above command. There was even a backup of database, nginx and webroot taking place automatically before any change were performed.

There is one tiny thing that wasn’t removed when ee dropped w3tc:

  1. there is an option in w3tc plugin that keeps bugging you in backend to activate w3tc edge mode. That’s supposed to unlock any prerelease-next-update-options in w3tc plugin. When agreeing to this, w3tc adds a line of code to wp-config.php That line was not erased by ee when updating the site while dropping w3tc.
  2. There was a subdirectory in wp-content called w3tc something. I deleted it manually. Would be nice if ee could do this as well. :slight_smile:

Other than that: nice job! I am totally blown about ee being free and still offering this awesome community to its free users! Thank you very much for that! Will try and contribute to this forum as much as I can.