How can I acess my Aws RDS with PhpMyAdmin on EasyEngine?


Hello, someone know if it is possible to manage an amazon RDS with phpmyadmin with EasyEngine?

It woks with another server without EasyEngine, when I try to access shows it is tryng to access with port 80 and I can normaly use the interface. (

But when I try to access the same RDS with a server with EasyEngine, I simple can’t access. :frowning: Maybe is because it is trying to access through port 22222, but I don’t know, that’s my first time using EasyEngine.



HI, you need to open port 22222 from EC2 security group.


Hi gau1991,

I did like this: Custom TCP Rule TCP 22222

I can Access the local BD whith phpmyadmin, but when I change to the RDS I can’t even see the phpmyadmin page, it just ask the user password, one for the http and another for my aws bd.

I even appointed the same security group that the RDS use to my instance. Maybe I have to do this on the security group of my RDS, not only on my instance, I will try this, thanks.


I tried and worked, thank you very much for the tip.


Hello @Bruna_Cardoso

Glad to know query is resolved. I am closing this support topic for now.

Feel free to create a new support topic if you have any queries further. :slight_smile: