High Ram Usage

I am new to VPS hosting and EasyEngine makes it very easy. I have 512Mb VPS with 512mb Swap. Host only one Website with 200 to 300 visitor/day. But my Server use 473 to 490Mb Ram every time and Swap is upto 250Mb.

Please guide me how to lower this usages.

You’ll need to provide more details on the site i.e. is it a wordpress site with a db/php? 512Mb is not a lot of memory for a vps to host everything and easyengine isn’t exactly optimized for low memory usage.

It’s a WordPress website with 51 post and 150comments with 300 clicks/day.

It’s a - - wpfc setup.

512mb ram with 512mb Swap.

With only 512MB RAM you should run your site with WPSC instead of WPFC.

As said before, it is a very small setup, you should consider upgrading it.

Thanks for a reply. It’s my first VPS, I thought 512mb enough but now consider to upgrade to 1GB.

For WPFC sites I prefer VPSs with at least 2GB RAM. But upgrading to 1GB probably will be enough, at least for a while.

512Mb is doing great, I’ll able to handle 7000visit/seconds.

But @janiosarmento as you suggest, I am trying to migrate my website.

if you really want to go with a small server you should look for something optimized for small servers. I have been using this for years, maybe give it a try: https://github.com/Xeoncross/lowendscript

Before easyengine, I tried it. Not satisfied with this script.

It can do what you need but doesn’t really offer much of an interface. I was just giving you options. I used to use it as a start and then do the rest manually.

I’m currently here on this forum, trying to figure out if I can replace it with ee :slight_smile:

I find 1GB works great with easyengine for a single wordpress site. I had a 2GB vps and it was just going to waste. I actually can’t imagine how you could use more ram than that. Remember checking ram can be confusing on linux. For example this is my ram use

free -m

total used free shared buffers cached

Mem: 991 943 47 80 59 622

-/+ buffers/cache: 261 729

Swap: 511 30 481

It looks like I’m using all my ram, but the important number is the 729 on the buffers/cache line. That is my actual ram available as processes need it, otherwise it’s used for caching. At least as far as I understand, so I should be fine even with 512gb.