High CPU Load After Upgrade to PHP7.2

HI All

I was running a standard EE Install with PHP7. I used the PHP upgrade method by @virtubox

Great tutorial, everything is running fine except that after this upgrade/update. My CPU is constantly maxed out at 100%. php-fpm7.2 is the problem.

Please could someone give me any suggestions as to why this could be happening?

It was fine before moving to 7.2. I moved all the sites back to 7 but I still have the same problem now.

Thank you

Whats your server configuration and specifications ?


2 XEON cores, 4GB RAM, 80GB SSD.

Running Easy Engine latest version. UFW. Clam. Netdata.
Nothing else special.

I disabled memcache which seems to have resolved some of the issues. (For me that is still a problem as if I want to use memcache it should be there. - Unless i stick with Redis.)

But now I am getting these spikes.

This is with nobody on the server AT all. There is no traffic there either.

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