Hide "whats-new-options" block when activity page is loading

Hi I would like to hide the “whats-new-options” block when page is loading (activity page). This is because during the page loading period the block that generally appear only when users click inside the “whats new” form, is shown: this happens for less than a second but it is not nice to see!!

Any idea? Thanks!

Helllo @Ositive , Its not rtMedia specific issue. Actually its buddypress functionality.

you can fix it by adding following css and javascript code in you theme css and js files.

Style :

  .rtmedia-uploader-div {
        opacity: 0;
        display: none;
        visibility: hidden;

#whats-new-options {
    opacity: 0;
    display: none;

Script :

jQuery( window ).on( 'load', function() {
    jQuery( '#whats-new-options' ).css({
        'opacity': '1'
} );

Hello @naveengiri really thanks for your response. I pasted the CSS code in theme.css and it works properly… but I really don’t know where/how to add the script :slight_smile: Can you help me please?? Thanks Ositive

Hello @Ositive , you can add this script code to your themes custom js file. if you still not able to find anything simple put with code in your theme header.php



I added the script in the header.php just before and it works well! thanks @naveengiri for your help! Ositive

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Hello @Ositive,

We are glad to know that your issue has been fixed. We are closing this thread for now. Feel free to create a new thread if you have any other doubts.

Thank you, Pranali