Hide Edit button and url from the image

Hi, At the upper side of the uploaded photo there are two option. One is “Edit” and other is “Delete”. I want to remove the edit button along with URL. So user cann’t edit photo, if he/she want to delete, he/she can. Also want to disable the name of the image?

Please help

Thank you

Hello @Nim_jain,

Please, find my answers below to your questions.

I want to remove the edit button along with URL. So user can’t edit the photo, if he/she want to delete, he/she can.

Please, try this custom CSS at rtMedia > Settings > Custom CSS tab:

.rtmedia-gallery-item-actions a:first-child {

Also want to disable the name of the image?

The name of the image is already disabled with the latest rtMedia. Can you please specify it again which name you want to disable? Any screenshot would be helpful.

For older version please refer this document - https://rtmedia.io/docs/developers/remove-media-file-names/


Hi, Pranali,
Thank you for your response.
Your code worked.
The name of image which I was talking about it attaching here with. When user go over the image, it will auto zoom with hover effect, that is ok. but the image name is also coming.
please see and guide.

Thank you

You are welcome @Nim_jain,

The auto zoom feature you are talking about is not the default behavior of the plugin. It only shows the filename on hover and not the whole image zoomed as in your attached screenshot.

Here, I am attaching what it does by default:

Please, check the hover event by switching to any default theme of WordPress.


Thanks a lot, Yes, You are right. Now, I negate the zoom effect as it was due to the other reason not because of the rtmedia plugin. Now the name of the file is coming, same as you shared the image. How we can remove this ?

Hello @Nim_jain,

Try the below sample code in your theme’s functions.php file to hide titles on hover event - https://gist.github.com/BhargavBhandari90/7a28cc32f1c1b91ca250cd5b302004ed


Hi Pranali, Thanks for the response. I tried this, but this is not working. I put this code into function.php It showing unexpected error ‘<’…

Hello @Nim_jain,

If you are appending this code to your existing PHP code then you do not need to write the start tag for it -> <?php.

Please, try removing only this starting tag present in the first line [ <?php ] from the code and it will work fine.


thanks a lot…it worked

You are welcome, @Nim_jain.

I am closing this topic now. Please, feel free to create new if you have any doubts.