Hello, Trying to implement SSL with a HHVM install ( WordPress ) and can’t seem to figure it out. I understand how to configure the SSL but since SSL runs on port 443 and HHVM runs on 8000 - How do you set SSL to read the HHVM port?

You don’t. Those are two different things. SSL/TLS is a protocol encryption layer and HHVM is a VM that listens to an internal port on localhost. You’re not going to secure communication with HHVM as it’s an internal VM that your browsers will not connect to directly.

Thank You for your reply! So How would I add an SSL using HHVM?

You add SSL. You shouldn’t need to do anything special for HHVM other than enable it. It’s been a while since I setup HHVM using EE but it should create the relevant config settings for you.

The issue I’m having is I apply the SSL just fine but when I go to http://site.com is shows the site fine but going to https://site.com it shows the nginx test page instead of the site.