HHVM 3.13 is constantly crashing

Since last update HHVM 3.13 is always crashing. All my websites are -wpredis with HHVM. I can restart the service with: service hhvm restart, but it crashs again after some seconds.

Any idea? Should I downgrade HHVM? Thank you for your help!

UPDATE: solved by upgrading to HHVM 3.13.1.

Where can I find a crash log for hhvm?

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i have a question i updated to the most recent version, 3.13 i think, and i had teh same problem.

i manually downgraded to v 3.12 and all is well

which version are you using? and error logs are well logs always are


Hi mahir, I’m using the most recent one, and it wasn’t happening before the update. How can I downgrade to 3.12? Thanks,


Actually HHVM released a new version this morning 3.13.1, i did the upgrade and it seems that everything is back to normal, no more regularly crash on my servers :smile:

@mahir maybe you should try it?

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oo i had no idea… ok i will check it :))

any other differences?