Help with SSL DNS

Hello, i need help with tw2 details.

  1. i install website and not work ssl verif

I have this error:

and my map of dns is:

vultr(Site alocate) > cloudflare (Vultr and skymail received) > Skymail(Domain here)

  1. This problem is i need of old version of ee but not work the code i run this code:
    wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee v4.0.15
    and i received the version .17 and not version .15


Domain > Ip Vultr
Open CMD, Ping to domain, Show IP vultr, ok
Creat new site.
Creat new site with no-ssl
After, update ssl

Thx! xD i am test this.

About the EE old is possoble i install. the version .15?

For older versions, when using the command: ee site ssl-renew and still not working, you need to delete the information or rename the corresponding old ssl under the path: /opt/easyengine/services/nginx-proxy/certs