Help with Multisite configuration

Hi everyone,

I have been reading around here and nothing seems to be working. I have setup a new server on AWS. I am using ubuntu 16.04. I have my domain purchased through google but routed through aws route 53. I have setup a new Easyengine setup with php7 and no ssl (that causes a whole different heap of problems). I setup EE as a --wpsubdom, so this was for Wordpress Multisite with Subdomain from the start.

I have nothing setup thus far. I have tried to change nginx config files and am running into brick wall after brick wall.

I have the domain mapping plugin installed and setup.

If I go to my mail site,, it will route correctly. I have a subdomain of, and it either gives me a 400 error or a domain not resolved error.

I am in need of help. I dont know what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.