Help weird redirects not working? redis breakes site

root errors - wrong site - wrong site - wrong site - correct

what the problem?

non root work fine - correct - correct - correct - correct

both sites were installed with --php7 --wpredis --letsencrypt

both sites are installed on the same server, please help

update: after ee site update --wp root worked correctly

but after ee site update --wpredis root is broken again

so redis is causing root to load other site folder. think i found a bug… can you replicate?

After updating your site to use REDIS cache edit your wp-config.php file.

Take a look at the end of the file. There will be a DEFINE there with the cache salt. Probably it will be at the last line of the script.

Move the DEFINE line a dozen lines above (in order to have it above “stop editing” remark), save the file and clear all caches with ee clean --all.

If I’m not missing anything will be good to go, then.

it was like that already, EE does it automatically

When one creates the blog with --wp-redis, EE does it automatically; when one updates the site to --wp-redis, then EE does it wrong, adding the salt to the wrong place.