Help shortcode

hi… i want to show a page with all photo that i uploaded in album in the top of rtmedia plugin

can you specified the shortcode for me?
how do i know which is the album id??

and dont redirect me to shortcode DOC
because i have been there and i dont understand that page

is there someone here that can help???

its been more than 1 days still there is no reply??

what happen with the premium support??

oh my god

is there nobody in here?? or you guys just abandon me

Hi @Calvin_Liem,

First of all apologies for the late reply. You haven’t categories this topic under rtMedia so may be that’s why it doesn’t get any attention. For the reference this is not premium support, it’s community support forum, we have mention that at top in home page of community forum ->

You can check your album gallery under media tab and from there you will get to know which album id it is. For example, suppose you have album url like this {site_url}/members/admin/media/2179/ than 2179 is the album id of that album. The same way you can find the favlist number. Author is nothing but the user id, which you can get from WordPress backend by checking users page. Context id is related to context, suppose you have context set to profile than context id will be user’s user id and if you have set context set to post than context id will be post id.

All this things are already mentioned in docs ->

appriciate your reply thank you

will check this out

and sorry for not choosing category maybe im forgot