Help! Server is quite freezing. And Too Many Connections

Hi I have an Ubuntu server on AWS with EC2 (t2.medium) and RDS (t2.medium)

I installed ee on ECS and have 7 Wordpress Blog sites with wp wpfc (enabled) and php 7.0

for some reason the server is getting to a point that is quite freezing with the site win no response and lot of DB Connections.

Any help or suggestions?

Best Regards,

by freezing do you mean Mariadb crashing?

It’s like to much php-fpm proceses and get two many connections of course.

But it’s no supposed to have that amount of processes.

I have 6 WordPress blogs on the same server with no more than 300 concurrent users.

ok so you simply saying that php fpm consume your all memory am i right? There are too many php fpm process when you see via top or htop it simply uses your all ram and crash the mysql and give error database connection


That is what I detect. But I don’t have more that 150 concurrent users actually.

What is the right php version to user actually with EE? Virus-free. <#DAB4FAD8-2DD7-40BB-A1B8-4E2AA1F9FDF2>

what the f uck these links are can you tell me what error you get

Try To use HHVM with Wpfc and memcache

It looks like you’re trying to email an attachment with your reply? If so, it’s being blocked somewhere (hence the avast links).