[Help Needed!] Parameter Errors: unknown --wpfc parameter


I’ve installed easyengine on DO’s droplet. Now when I am trying to execute following command, it is showing parametter error.

Command: sudo ee site create domain.com --wpfc --letsencrypt
Error: unknown --wpfc parameter

Can anyone suitable solution please! TIA.


I don’t think that’s a v4 feature.


Can you please throw a light about v4? Because I installed wp using the same cmd just before 3 days. All details I am doing is also same.


Redis is only supported now by using --cache


Like the other replies mentioned in EE4 the --wpfc command is deprecated. EE4 now supports Redis only (either a global Redis cache or a per-site cache).

For simplicity’s sake, you would recreate your command by instead issuing the following:

ee site create yoursite.com --type=wp --ssl=le --cache

You can find a full breakdown of EE4’s site create syntax here: https://easyengine.io/commands/site/create#ee-site-create-typewp


So ee site create yoursite.com --type=wp --ssl=le --cache will give what we were getting with sudo ee site create domain.com --wpfc --letsencrypt, right?

In short, I am interested in wp + nginx fastcgi_cache + nginx helper. Direct cmd will help a lot as I’m not much into these.

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