Help for accessing Wordpress

I have installed easy engine from terminal according to given official site and then created the demo site named “”, but i am not able to open it on my browser. What should i do…? localhost gives the output screen Welcome to Nginx and thats all I know. 404 Error happens when i try localhost/wp. Please help!

It seems there is a mismatch on your domain name against the website created in EE.

What’s the result of ee site list?

output is

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to help you without access to server. :frowning2:

i just need to ask do we need to perform any more steps than those given on easy engine site for accessing wordpress in browser through localhost?

There is a new information: localhost.

You have to point your domain name to the IP of the server, via DNS or via hosts file.

If you are accessing through localhost you should use hosts file and point the domain name to

done… thank you so much :grinning: