Header Script Overload


Hi, your scripts overload my header and do not appear to use

How can I use the plugin but get the scripts out of my header?



That's a tricky one. Even we don't like adding so many scripts. However, all the jquery ui we load are dependencies of the upload script. There's more js for the video player and hence, there are a couple of css files. Apart from that, the plugin itself has 1 js and css for its generic functions and another js to handle the uploads.

Considering that most of this overload is because of the uploader, the only way we can get rid of it is to give an option to disable the 'jazzed' uploader and use a plain browser based uploader. (Which is under consideration for the next version).

In short, if those scripts are removed, the uploader won't work and the plugin becomes useless, as of now.

Generally, I'd have invited you to fork the project and see if you could contribute such changes yourself. However, we're in the midst of a major code upheaval and the only solution I have for you, right now, is a wait for a while.




This and many other issues are fixed in rtMedia 3 – http://wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-media/

Please upgrade and let us know if you face any new issue.