Has EE v4 development been abandoned?


Sure. That’s the best part of open source. You can fork and do whatever you want.

If you do manage to improve some part of EasyEngine in your own way like @virtubox has, do try to merge them upstream.


@mriyam.tamuli, I usually “extend” EE with external scripts.

Example: I wrote a little script that, among other stuff, updates WPCli to latest version every day.

Perhaps the right thing to do would be submitting a PR with the changes whenever I detect an update to this component; however, I think it’s easier to run wp cli update using a cronjob, instead.

Also, I’ve written a few companion utilities to EE (like a pair of scripts to move a domain from a server to another; or a script to create redirection domains, something EE natively doesn’t do), but I’m not sure if or how community would benefit from them, and I don’t know how future-proof they are, because of the new container approach of EEv4.

That’s why I contribute little to nothing to the community.


I know what you mean since you ve said it clear! "i have a bunch of vps’s with tons of domains which will just won’t work with docker out of the box! Joomla had 2 versions old and new, guess where joomla is now :slight_smile: Ok im bad. Good policy what you do with the old version but it has to move on. In theory of course.

So we go back to the ‘need’. If im needing just a stack why to bother and blah blah… Well, EE is it just a stack? For me no, it’s my base im attached :slight_smile:

The truth about docker is that i don’t give a f… But it is the next thing and you have to be onboard. You know that our world is tech based.


That’s why I contribute little to nothing to the community.

Not true, you are helping constantly and you read the news pretty fast. Even i know how you will answer. If the post is long you need one day to clear your mind then it comes :smile:



I just wanted to give perspective.

EE v4 using docker should not matter more than EE v3 having its own Nginx build! At least that is the goal! :slight_smile:

More than “what” we are using, “how” we are using creates a difference.

Technically, EE is just a script. It uses software already out in the open!

Rest, if somebody forks EE v3 and maintains it, it’s good for all of us.


I will have to learn more to use python code properly, but depending on the EE v4, I may fork EE v3 to customize it for my needs.

But about Nginx build, I have performed test and compiled nginx with my bash script in less than 5 minutes on a 5$ droplet from digitalocean. So it not too long in my opinion and it can be a good way to keep nginx up-to-date instead of providing it from a repository. (I haven’t found a sysadmin with free time and enough knowledge in debian packages building yet)


But about Nginx build, I have performed test and compiled nginx with my bash script in less than 5 minutes on a 5$ droplet from digital ocean.

I did not mean to underestimate your work but compiling software for own machine is easy, compared to deploying it on many unknown hosting providers environment.

Most hosting companies load OS image from LAN which often has the different package set to start with. Hence to maintain a project for a large community, keeping binary versions is better. It reduces down “installation failure” issues a lot.

Besides, installing binaries are much faster than compilation on each setup.

It’s surprising that docker as a baseline is much more predictable than distros! The “it just works” aspect of docker is in line with “easy first” principle. In fact, we are expecting almost zero issues during installation. If a user can run docker container, they will be good to go!

Anyway, if enough people are interested in taking over EE v3, we can facilitate few things to maintain it for a long time. :slight_smile:

From the other side of the fence, I can only guarantee that EE v3 won’t accidentally update to EE v4. :wink:


That’s awesome!


don’t like the man-in-the-middle approach stuff like RunCloud.io

Me 2 on that! But i like web interfaces a lot!


Gradually, but not everyone would like to dedicated time like you do right. Hence I really appreciate your work and those who are keeping this project alive.


I am with @portofacil and am absolutely not in favor of using EE with Docker, though I will have to look into it some more.

I currently use the Google Developer Cloud / Google Cloud Console and EE together. It is an awesome and powerful combination; something I’ve spent a great deal of time documenting (have a book coming; publisher and all). There are options within Google’s Cloud Console to use Docker, and I explicitly stay away from them (reasons similar to those provided by @portofacil).

My 2 cents may or may not matter, but I don’t believe docker is the best way forward for EE and this news will likely end my support of the project. Though I am sure someone could persuaded me otherwise.


Actually, I trust EE (in other words: I trust the people behind EE). Although I’m not a fan of Docker or its cousins, I’m eager to take a look at the EEv4.


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hmm, hello all. There will be some update to debian 9 and php 7.2 for EE V3?


No information regarding that s of right now.


EE should start a gofundme or put up a donate link. I’d gladly chip in a few bucks to help development and I think a lot of other people would too! Just a thought.