Has EE v4 development been abandoned?

Was wondering; if the development for v4 has been abandoned? We already didn’t receive any updates for a long time. There is already PHP v7.2 and Debian 9 around. And there’s a major update coming with Lets Encrypt; as Wildcard Certificates Support.

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Wondering the same thing here. I have more concern on existing components update like nginx, wouldn’t want miss out any major security flaws releases.

I’m looking at alternative scripts at the moment with more active development eg.centminmod

Looks like it’s abandoned. Can’t even get replies from authors. Anyway I moved on from EE exactly due to this. Can’t afford to have security flaws on my stack.

What have you moved to? any alternative for EE?

I built my server stack from scratch in Debian 9. Using the mainline nginx and latest PHP 7.1. Many optimizations were applied - dynamic TLS, naxsi support, hpack patch, latest openssl, etc. I would say it’s more optimized than default EE installation.

I’m also using centminmod in CentOS 7. Highly recommended if you want the latest updates for all components.

Centminmod is very good :slight_smile: I currently ended up with RunCloud.io :slight_smile: It’s a shame that EE has died :frowning:

I am thinking about change to VestaCP but it seems less optimize than EasyEngine

yes, vestacp is not optimized . the core of vesta runs under php5.6 and your vhost will be runned on php7.0 if you want. but not optimized.

you make my day. thank you. I will try runcloud.io ., look awesome.

Once installed, do you have root access on the server or it takes you out?

Webinoly is kind a wave after EE…take a took at their Optimized LEMP Web Server. Looks like an alternative to apply ur EE practices. I’m planning to spin DO & Linode with Webinoly.

If this is true and EE has been abandoned I would be gutted. EE saved me and my sites several years ago when I discovered it!

On the other hand Centminod looks promising, I will install and have a play with it when I need to setup a new blog. Do you need to do any special customising with it or does everything work great (and most importantly, fast) out of the box with default settings?

Webinoly, at this very moment, is behind EE, in my humble opinion. The only advantage they seem to offer is an active development.

It would be better if it compiled Nginx with custom modules instead of making use of Ubuntu official repository; if it had better “automation” tools (taking parameters in command line in order to create and configure a new blog); if it had backup and restore integrated scripts.

But I’ll surely keep an eye on it; considering the lack of news regarding EE4 I’m considering moving away from EE3 as soon as it proves to be actually obsolete.

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Isn’t it free source? Possibly someone or group effort can take over the project? Anyway, it would be nice to hear from the owner of the site about the status from time to time, or what’s happening to him. I see on his blog that he keeps going to different convensions, so he is def alive :slight_smile:

What do you think of Centminod @portofacil?

I used CentminMod years ago, and right now I can’t say anything about it because I didn’t take time to use it and see how it evolved.

The reason I didn’t try it yet is purely personal, almost childish: I don’t like CentOS.

In other words, my opinion about CentminMod doesn’t count. :slight_smile:

If you’re comfortable with CentOS, centminmod is the best option really. Many very large forum sites are powered by centminmod. Very active developer and very helpful/knowledgeable community. Sites created thru CMM are very fast and can scale to high loads.

Anyway like @portofacil, I like Debian/Ubuntu for some reason hence I also use my own stack if not using CentOS.

Same reason why I’m still with EE and not CMM. I prefer deb/ubuntu over CentOS, just can’t get into the folder structures and commands in centos :frowning:

We really need some update on this

Have tried Centminmod few months ago, but it is not as fun as EE - takes a long time to install, and didn’t even have letsencrypt built-in. However, with their new version it should be updated. And it works and developed, which is perhaps the most important factor in decision for most

I don’t like the man-in-the-middle approach stuff like RunCloud.io

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Me neither.

Actually, EE3 is fine to me; I just would like to have up to date components, like Nginx latest with Brotli support, dynamic TLS, latest REDIS, and so on.

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Here is some info - https://easyengine.io/blog/easyengine-v4-status-update/

If anyone like to contribute in any way, please message me. :hugs: