Has anyone written a post ee mail stack tutorial?

I originally setup my mail stack with Rahul’s email tutorials before ee had a mail stack install option. I am in the process of moving to ubuntu 16.04 and initial findings after running ee stack install mail is that postfix is not using Dovecot sasl. Hence no STARTTLS being offered. Also Dovecot is not listening on 993.

Should I just refer to Rahul’s email tutorial to setup dovecot starttls and my old servers settings or is the EasyEngine doing this differently than the tutorials for security purposes that are over my head.

Bonus points for explaining why Easy Engine did not setup starttls with self signed certs in the way the tutorials show.

Also thank you guys for a great product.

Just wanted to follow up on this for anyone who stumbles upon it.

In /etc/dovecot/conf.d/ you will find easyengine creates a 99-ee.conf file. I did not notice this at first and saw no mention of it in docs. Most but not all of mail stack install config changes for Dovecot are in this file. You also have to ssl = yes(or ‘required’) and uncomment dovecot.pem snakeoil in 10-ssl.conf. Also be mindful that the nginx webmail block is not ssl enabled( atleast it wans’t for me) So careful trying out roundcube as you are throwing your password out there unencrypted.

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