Happy Face Icons

For the pop-up window comment box, it there any add-on plug I can use for people not only write their comments, but also able to insert icons as well?

Please advise help, Thanks

Hello @DamnDramaQueen,

I think you are talking about the emoji support with the rtMedia comments. As of now, we have not included this feature.

You can also add your suggestions here with the label suggestion - https://github.com/rtmediawp/rtmedia/issues This way we can collect ideas from customers who are interested in the similar features.


Hi Pranalipatel,

Ya, the emoji or even better like feature have flower, gift-box, birthday cake, teddy-bear and so on…

I’m sure there will be over million people will vote for this feature. This is an A plug feature for all comments area!

Great, I will put a suggestion for this.

Thanks for your great help again :slight_smile: See, I just put 2 smile faces, is that cool or what? :slight_smile:

Sure @DamnDramaQueen,

Thanks for your suggestion! :slight_smile:

Regards, Pranali

Hi pranalipatel,

Welcome, I’m not sure I put the suggestion correct or not? This is my first time doing it…

Supposed this new icons feature will be added, how will I know? Would I get an email or some kind of notice? Would it be this rtmedia plugin I should update or download a patch for it somewhere?

Please advise so I will keep my eyes open… Thanks

Hello @DamnDramaQueen,

Could you please provide the link of the issue you have created? Yes, you can get notification via e-mails. You can check the message below the Notification sidebar.


Hi pranalipatel,

There is no link to give! I put in a requested for the icons feature?

Also I don’t think I mentioned about notification on the sidebar? Hmmm, I’m kind of lost on this?

Please explain? Thanks

Hello @DamnDramaQueen,

No problem, I will explain you again.

Please, visit this link - https://github.com/rtmediawp/rtmedia/issues

You need to sign up here and create a New issue. You can write the description for your suggestion and assign a proper label to it.

Once you create the issue, you can get future notification and updates from developers for that task.

Please, let me know if you have any doubts.


Hi pranalipatel,

I couldn’t find my last input, must did it wrong? Thanks for pointing to the right area for my suggestion.

Anyway, I already clicked the new issue button and put in my happy face icons feature to add-in. Hope is correct this time.

There is icons can be insert here, why not rtmedia too? See what I sent 3 icons here.

Hope this will added and get an email for this update feature. :strawberry::gift::dog:

Thanks again!

Hello @DamnDramaQueen,

Thanks for your suggestion. Yes, you have created issue successfully. Our team will look into it.