Hanging for the masonry style activity update

Pant pant pant !!! cannot wait

please please when?

Hello gregmc,

Next update/release of InspireBook is due on next week. Currently it is under development and later on this week will go for testing.

If you want I can provide you with current code. In case if you want to try new release before hand.

Let me know if you need zip file.


If u don’t mind would love to work with prerelease - my email is greg@imediate.co.za, my code is c90b851cb3ac19168d622beb2f61b59d

Hello Greg,

I have sent you pre-release InspireBook copy on your email.


I would love for a copy of the pre-release also.

Sent a message via internal rtcamp submit form through plugin. :smile:

Many thanks for this - sorry to take so long to reply, but been a bit busy this side - install went well, only issues i found was (not critical) as it was a test site… that the css entered in the custom css admin area was lost and fro some reason the masonry but won’t load properly (yes have selected option in admin)… it loads the activity items in 50% win width, so it seems it wants to work, but just wont load ir arrange into masonry 2 columns - but hey this is a pre release so no worries

Haven’t received the zip after sending a request and message on Oct 23rd about testing out the pre-release of Inspirebook.I already have Inspirebook as well as rtmediaPro and would like to test out Inspirebook 1.2.8 as well.

Hello Webstress,

Current version of InspireBook is 1.2.7 and Masonry option is available in this version. You can update it. InspireBook version 1.2.8 will release very soon as it contains some bug fixes and rtMedia template updates.