Half image video preview

I’m having an issue with video thumbnails, in the activity stream they are not loading full size, half of them are cut off. In the dashboard activity stream they are as well. I create a priority support ticket but did not get a responce. Is there custom css I can include to control the column width for rtmedia-content-list or something like that? some videos, instead of a preview are just showing as “<” this leads me to believe a problem with encoding or a theme issue, this happened since the update. Thanks

Hi adrian,
You are saying that you had created a priority support ticket, was it premium support from rtMedia admin or in the support forum? because I already replied in your last support request here -> https://rtcamp.com/support/topic/half-image-preview-for-videos-in-activity-stream/ and didn’t hear back from you.

Please check it once with WordPress default theme and with other plugins disabled.