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How does one create an "album"? I see that one can drag files into the Upload well which gets uploaded (i.e. if the right file type... errors out if not, for example .svg files error out) and each are assigned to either Photos, Videos, or Music. But I don't see how to select media to create or add to an Album. For example, can Albums contain mixed media? Plus, how do I re-name each uploaded file?



How does one create an “album”?

Currently, there is no-way to "create album" directly but this will be rectified soon -

Can Albums contain mixed media?

Yes. You can use bulk-uploader to upload mixed file-types at one go. They will all go under one album.

how do I re-name each uploaded file?

This option is already there. Please check attachment for screenshot.

In future (long-time) we will add support for batch-editing.

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Hello Rahul,

Thanks for the quick response! With regard to renaming files, please see attached. I don't have an "edit" button.

I tried to upload both images and video (.png's and .mpg's) but got a file extension error for the video file. Do I need BuddyPress-Media FFMPEG Converter Plugin for this to work properly?


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I will request Gagan to check why you are NOT seeing edit link.

By the way, can you create a test account on and see if you can:

  1. Upload files with which you faced issue on your site
  2. Get "edit" link for your own uploads

In earlier versions, we were restricting uploads to mp4 only if no transcoding addon present. Later we started allowing all videos (videos which cannot be converted may not show up with player)

Above demo server do not have any addon installed.

Hello Rahul,

I created a test account on your site. The .mpg file errors out there as well.

With regard to the "edit" link, there is also a related problem: on my installation, when I drag my files over, I do NOT get the dialog box to choose or create an album. Obviously something is failing here but I do not know what. Would you like to take a look? If provided with an email address, I could send credentials to my site.

FYI: I've also tried with the BuddyPress Default theme and get the same result.

Hi Quint

About .mpg files not being uploaded, we're running the demo of our FFMPEG addon on this server BPM-Media. You can check what video formats our plugin can support on that demo site.

About the Edit link, its shown only to the owner of the Media file, i.e. who uploaded the media, so you can see that only on your own profile. I am looking why you are not able to see the edit button, can you please provide me the link where you are having this trouble?

Hello Gagan,

Thanks for that link to that server. I tried to upload an .mpg file which it appeared to load to 100% but then generated an error that flashed by too fast for me to read. So, I am assuming .mpg files aren't supported?

Your commentary about the Edit link makes sense. I am the originating uploader, so as you say, the link should appear. Here's the URL to my non-production site:

You could login with Facebook credentials or just register to access the site. Thank you!

The jQuery UI is breaking on your site. This is what is preventing the uploading. There must be something clashing with the jQuery UI on the template you are using since its working perfectly fine with the default BuddyPress theme.


You can try a URL like -

Just replace rahul286 with your WordPress username. Assuming you are an admin, above link will most likely show you behaviour with default buddypress theme.

Hi @quint, It seems like you got your resolution and it's been almost a year, so we are closing this issue.