Group Media


First of all, Awesome plugin and looking forward to the upcoming features.

Just too bad I couldn't see anything for Groups having their own media. Like a Group album.

Would love to see that happen!




Thanks for the feature request, we already have that in our roadmap, soon users will be able to upload media files in groups also, as well as a group will have different albums as well.


That is great news! Thank you for the quick reply.
Looking forward to the new release!


When when when… I’m waiting!


I join. I look forward an album for group.


I have also had requests for this feature in the plugin from my community members already…and my community is only a week old :smiley:

Will look forward to it!


In the version 2.9.0 I can't edit title of uploaded image (in a group). Also can't delete/edit an album (in a group). This is possible in the future (3.0.0)?



The groups part of the plugin is a little complicated compared to the profile part. the profile part is a core component like Groups are. however, the groups part is a hack for BuddyPress Media to work on a core component (groups).

If this sounds confusing, trust me, it works in an equally confusing manner.

In short, the groups part is very tricky and won't show much improvements for a while. So, kindly be patient and enjoy the features that are being rolled out. This shall be taken care of, too.



Hi All,

Support for Group-Media is already added in rtMedia.

You can get it from -