Group Albums, public albums, wall photos, I don't get it


I have read all the docs and the support forum, but I think I still have a fundamental misunderstanding of what rtMedia does with privacy/buddypress groups/public photos.

I have a private Buddyress group, and the members can create albums and upload photos via the uploader that magically appeared in the "media" tab of the group. I also have a public WP page that has a uploader and gallery on it (via shortcode with no options).

I had assumed that that the uploader on the public WP page would dump photos into the "Wall Album" (thats what the docs say, anyway). But I cannot figure out how to see this Wall Album. I can see a "Wall album" from within the media tab of the private group, but the test photo that I uploaded on the Public WP page does not show up there. Where did it go?

Here's what I want to do: 1. have a private media area for the private Buddyress Group (that seems to work). 2. have a public photo album in the main WP installation (outside of Buddypress) 3. Be able to set the view (privacy?) options of certain buddypress group albums so that the public can see them.

This seems like exactly what rtMedia is designed to do...I just don't get it. Is this possible?


OK. I found the missing photo that was uploaded using a WP page containing the uploader shortcode (with no options). It went to my Buddypress profile page. Clearly I'm doing it wrong, the documentation says that with no options in the shortcode that it should go to the Wall Album. So...back to the above questions.


@matthew-stewart-520 - The problem is that the actual global wall post album does not have a url. I guess your issue is similar to this one ->

Let me know if I may have misunderstood your query.


I think this is very similar. The documentation says that if NOT SPECIFIED, an upload using the uploader shortcode will go to the wall album. So is the documentation incorrect? Should it read that the upload will go to the admin's profile album?


@matthew-stewart-520 - The thing is that it goes to the Wall Post album only, but there is no link that shows you all the media of a wall post album. The wall post album is divided and acts as each members profile album.