Group Album "Show More" button not working

Hi guys

My show more button isn't working for group albums... it works for user albums... so not sure what the problem is. I checked the media folder in the dashboard and it looks like all my images uploaded....


oops... not sure what happened. But its working now. Thanks for your hard work!!


Glad to know its fixed already. :-)

We had Christmas holiday yesterday so reply from our side is delayed.

If you face any other issue, feel free to let us know.

Hi Again, looks like I'm still having the problem...It turns out that the button doesn't work on any MAC browser(this includes ipads) it only works on PC browsers.... I've tested it out on different computers (MAC/PC's.)

Again the problem is when I hit the show more button, none of the additional photos in the album populate on the page, and its only happening in the buddypress groups

Hope you can help... Thanks for your hard work!!


We are currently reorganising the code. The upload functionality heavily depends on how wordpress implements it. For our sake, purpose and point of view, the WordPress media functionality sucked. So, we made some modifications.

That was 3.4 story. Luckily, the media in WordPress 3.5 has changed wonderfully. Once we are done with the code restructure (2.4), we'll be revising a lot of code, fixing bugs and adding a few enhancements. We will be rewriting uploads in 2.6. This will happen faster than our earlier updates because of the restructure.

Unless, it is highly critical, could you wait for a fortnight or so, for us to switch to the brand new upload? If the WordPress new media uploader works for you, ours will work too. It will be that similar.


Thanks!!! Love you guys and your products!!!

Hi @vulneratum, We are closing this issue as your issue has been resolved and we didn’t hear anything from you since recently. Please visit our support forum for any rtMedia related issues.