Group album error message

When trying to create an album in a group by uploading multiple files, the album create dialog reports 'Sorry you cannot create an album for this group'. I am admin of the group, and have tested with a member of the group.


We have noted this bug, here:

As a temporary recourse, please go to the admin section of the group and click Media tab in there and then assign permissions to yourself. It will fix the problem for now. We'll soon update with this bug fix (and anything else, if found).

Apologies for the inconvenience.


I see! I like this feature, and I would recommend keeping it but having the 'all members' option selected by default. but this is just me. thanks for the update!


We also feel that all the members should have the permission, by default. However, a sizable number of users want stricter privacy settings. So, as of now, we'd be updating the code to give the group admin all the permissions, where from (s)he can change the settings.

There is a reasonable argument that, within a site, a group can be administrated by a different user, who might want different privacy settings from the site administrator's vision.

So, we will stick to that as of now. We'll reconsider in the next release.

On a different note, I just realised that you've raised this issue at 3 different platforms: this, github and Kindly stick to any one of your choice (we'd prefer github). It saves us a lot of time.


My apologies. I was unsure which was monitored the most, or which was most appropriate. I will do so from now on. However, I just realized that creating the topic in all three places allows members who may be having the same problem to find it quicker if they decide to only search in one of those three places. Just a thought.


That's true, as well. It sucks when that happens. The redundancy is useful but troublesome! No problems. I guess, we'll have to reconsider our strategy and probably manually close tickets by redirecting them to Github.

Thanks for the thought!


This and many other issues are fixed in rtMedia 3 -

Please upgrade and let us know if you face any new issue.