Gravity Forms Signature

So, we have run into an issue that I think may be potentially related to the Easy Engine Wordpress (FastCGI-cache) setup.

Currently we are using the Gravity Forms Signature addon which when used, Users fill our the form and sign. The signature is captured as a PNG file and places in the upload folder.

We are able to view the image when using the correct path. However when Gravity Forms is viewing the entry either via email, or within the dashboard the image does not show.

Here is the link Gravity Form wants to use in order to display the image

Here is the actual link to the image.

I have already confirmed with Gravity Forms that this is how this is correct, to which they state is correct and that the problem must lie somewhere else.

Which brings me here. Is there something possible in the nginx config or site config that would prohibit this from working as Gravity Forms has intended?

So I believe the issue may actually be with another plugin that I am using on the site to restrict access to the site. Please ignore post.