Google docs service has been disabled



I have rtMedia Docs and Other files version 1.3 installed and recently i cannot view my uploaded media docs. When i clicks on the document thumbnail it prompts following message.

Google docs service has been disabled. This file can’t be loaded.

Please support me to resolve this issue.

Regards. Sithum.


Hi @kgsithum,

Go to rtMedia->settings and check if you have enabled the setting Enable Google Docs for documents and files

This should fix your issue.

Let me know if the issue is not fixed by this.

Thank you, Bhargav Bhandari


Hi Bhargav,

Thanks for your reply. In my settings it has already enabled. But the issue is still there.

Regards. Sithum.


Hi @kgsithum,

Can you please disable other plugins and enable default theme, then check the issue?

Let me know if you are still facing the issue.

Thank you, Bhargav Bhandari


Hi @kgsithum,

Are you checking this on your localhost? If yes, the google docs won’t work on localhost. So I suggest you not to test on localhost.

Thank You. Bhargav Bhandari