GMT time issue in the comment thread

Hi my wordpress is set to show IST time +0530 UTC. However the inspirebook comment thread shows the GMT time. Let me know any fix can be done to show IST timings or it is a bug fixed in next release?

Pls refer attachment for more info.

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Hello Rajandran,

I don’t think its a bug. I cross checked the IST time and other time zone also on my local setup, its working for me.
Also you can see the same result on our demo site We are using UTC- 5:30+ IST there.

Please try by deactivating other plugins, I hope that will help.


But check this comment i just now made it. Still timing shows GMT only

Yes, I got it. I was checking on post comments only. Now I found that issue with activity comment. We will update the theme code and release it soon.

Thank you for mentioning it.

Awaiting for the update.