Global shortcode?

Hi Guys

according to rtMedia documentation, [rtmedia_gallery global=“true”] should be working. I would very much like to have an overview of all public media added by site members.

Reading around the forum, some admin posts say this is not currently working, others suggest that it is.

I am currently getting “Oops !! There’s no media found for the request !!” even though my test user has uploaded various galleries and albums with photos, videos etc.

Am I doing something wrong or is this not functioning yet?

Your help is appreciated many thanks.

Hello @AdamK,

It should work. Please, once try re-saving the permalink structure -

Also, check the privacy of uploaded media. It should be public and not any of the other privacy options.

If you still face the issue, try deactivating other plugins and activating any default theme of WordPress and check if you are facing any error in your server error log or in the browser console.

I hope this helps you. Please, let me know how above troubleshooting goes for you.

Thanks, Pranali

Hi Pranali

thanks for your assistance.

Ok I have tried that. I am still getting just 1 media item showing from the whole site. It’s a different media item from last time, so that makes me think that the thing is showing just 1 item, not a specific item (otherwise it would be the same 1 media item as last time).

All the media is set to logged in users can view only, and I am viewing the page as a logged in user. So I have access.

Any ideas why that might be happening?

Thanks again.

Hello @AdamK,

As I mentioned in the previous reply, the media should have privacy Public as it is a global gallery.

You have uploaded media using privacy Logged in users hence they are not in the gallery. Try uploading public media.

You can check the privacy in the lightbox like this:


Hi Pranali

oh, on this site non-logged in users do not have access to media so that function will not work here.

Maybe in future you can expand on that to allow various privacy levels, maybe in one of the parameters.

Many thanks

Hello @AdamK,

It is possible to create a media gallery with privacy Logged in users. It will be a user profile specific gallery. That is, a logged in user can see media uploaded only by himself with the privacy Logged in users in this gallery.

Try using below shortcode:

[rtmedia_gallery context=profile privacy=20]

Let me know if you have any doubts. Thanks

Hi Pranali

yes, that is not so useful. The user can go to his own media gallery to see his own media.

What we need, is the global media from all profiles - same as global shortcode, just for media with logged in user as privacy level. Because on this site all media is only available to logged in users.