GitoLite Settings - Internal server error 500

Hi guys,

I have uploaded the module, installed it but when I go into the Administration part and clicked on GitoLite Settings I get this: "An error occurred. Reason: Internal Server Error (500)".

I am on CentOS 6, I did sudo yum install php-process, tried uninstall/reinstall. Same problem.

Any idea on how to solve this?

Thanks, Leo

Everything installed now, I had to restart apache and fix some ownership problems on the /custom folder. Also, the ac native source module was not installed.

GitoLite Set-up went smoothly but I am not seeing the ac gitolite specific buttons: Create/Clone Git repository. Any idea what am I doing wrong?



Have you check error log of server ?

i have no error in var/logs/httpd/error_log (at least nothing related, last error is from a while ago). Should I check somewhere else?

But as I've said, it is installed now, or maybe the installation went wrong?

Have you saved settings in Gitolite-settings on Administration Page ?

If it saved then you will see like this :

Server Address :  
Gitolite Location:  LOCAL  
Admin Path :  /var/www/.../work/git/gitolite/gitolite-admin/  

It means the setup is successful.

can you tell me which version of activeCollab you are using?

AC version 3.3.21

Gitolite-settings on Administration Page:

Gitolite Settings Server Address [user@server] Gitolite Location LOCAL Admin Path [..]/work/git/gitolite/gitolite-admin/

I could add the public key under my profile

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the module, now the buttons are there but when I try to create a new git repository I have the follwing error message: Repository path on server invalid.

I sent you an email. Please go through it.