GFC on blogger not possible

okay I’ll try it to explanations for a, sorry for my english it is really bad.

But I hope you can help me.
I am a woman learning by doing and I’m proud that I’ve managed to to migration.
Works fine!!
BUT, now i have a bad situation.
I do not want to lose my GFC. Usually it works on one condition.
If I go with to publish and put there the blog address one runs it and the gfc gadet appears !
But then does not the migration;-(
it only works if the blog address is enter!
what must I do that I can have both??
can you help … please …
I have been working for weeks eggs in it and can not find anything on the internet to … about your message I would be very happy …

regards Claudia

Hello Claudia,

Google friend connect (GFC) followers will not be migrated into WordPress blog. GFC is not available for WordPress platform, we can only use it with You can read Google official article.

Thanks, --Nitun

thanks for your answer, but it is possible to look here right sidebar

the only problem is that is not redirect correctly! you can there really do anything?

love greetings Claudian

Where it is not redirecting? not directly to and the links have and the left have partly a / p in the link, as well as ä, ö, ü, then changed into ae / oe / ue ...

You need to follow the DIY article