Getting Started

I'm new to this plugin, and I'm very confused by it.

I was following BuddyPress-Kaltura Media Component - rtCamp [PDF] , which I realize is a how-to for the old version — and because of that, it wasn't really helpful.

Where is the guide for people using the latest versions of WordPress (currently 3.4.1), BuddyPress (currently 1.6.1) and the BP-Media plugin (currently 2.0.1)?

Your help would be appreciated. :)

There isn’t a guide as such like our previous versions, since there isn’t much to go through in this version to get it started; all you need to do is click activate and its working, you can add new media files from the “Media” tab in the Member pages of BuddyPress. You can also go through the FAQs section. Still like to know a few more things, feel free to ask your questions here on this forum.

Ahhh okay. It was the Media tab in the Members page that I didn’t know about. Thank you! Perhaps including that as part of a first time user screen in the plugin would be helpful.

My next challenge is being able to have uploaded media displayed on the page of a Group that a Member belongs to.

Any idea when the 4 MB file size limit will be increased/removed? It’s quite a restrictive size for video files.

About the size limit, its not from the plugin, the limit you see is actually imposed by the server, try editing the php.ini file setting the following parameters as your desired limit:

  • upload_max_filesize = 20M
  • post_max_size = 20M

20M means 20 MB limit and also, you’ll have to restart your apache/nginx server after changing these limits for these to come into effect

About integrating with groups, we’ll try this in the later phase of this project, right now our concentration is on making it more useful and making it extendable.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply!

I’m on a shared platform and don’t have shell/ssh access, so restarting wasn’t possible. I was, however, able to edit the php.ini file through my web host’s control panel, and the new limit is reflected in the BuddyPress site. :slight_smile:

Is there any sort of link/embed code I might be able to use to show videos that are uploaded by members? I’m not a coder/developer, but I’m not afraid to find/add/edit code, if directed appropriately.

Thanks again!

you can use videos/audio/images on pages and posts using this function which allows you to use shortcode

function media_shortcode($atts) {  
            'id' => '0'  
            ), $atts)  
    $media=new BP_Media_Host_Wordpress($id);  
    return $media->get_media_single_content();  
add_shortcode('media_content', 'media_shortcode');  

add this code to your theme or any plugin file then you can use shortcode like this:
[media_content id=“123”]
the id is the id of the element you want to display, its on the rightmost side of the url of the element’s single page.
Though displaying these in the groups is a different thing, since activities don’t allow shortcodes, we’ll have to create a filter for doing shortcode on the content of group’s activity

Gagan, and the code to display all members media? thanks!

from Brazil.

plugin 10

@cesaroliveira : We already have this feature in mind and will be implemented in a later version.