GeneratePress error 400 on import caused by @object-cache.php

DigialOcean Ubuntu 18.04.1,
EasyEngine v4.0.11 (NginX), PHP 7.2.16
GeneratePress 2.2.2
GeneratePress Pro 1.8.0
WordPress v5.1.1

The GeneratePress child theme I am trying to import is called “Marketer”, but I have also checked some of the others and it happens with all of them.

When I try to import from the Site Library I get an error 400, and the resulting site looks like it doesn’t import the correct sidebar content. However, when I check, it actually did the import the content, but (I assume) it couldn’t check that it was complete, so threw the error.

Eventually, as a test, I hid the @object-cache.php file and it turns out that the importer had imported all the sidebar content/widgets etc., because the site then started working/looking just as it should do.

So its definitely something in the @object-cache.php file that the GeneratePress importer and the site itself is objecting to.

I’ve asked Tom for his help but he’s done a ‘sloapy shoulders’ on me.

I have reported this at but I thought I should also mention it here.