Generate thumbnails on photos in lightbox

I think i would be easier to browse through photos and also be able to select photos you want to see other then going through all the photos to find the one you want to see.

Hi Felipe,
Can you give me some more details about your suggestion.

Something like this, i believe this should a prio. The most galleries i have dealt with use thumbnails. This is so much easier to browse through and select. Otherwise, i have bought pro and think it’s great. But this is the only thing its lacking and a fullscreen button. Other types of customisation i can pay for. But thumbnails are an elemental part of a gallery, i believe this should be on this type of plugin.

What do you think?

Hi Felipe,

You can browse user’s gallery under “Media” tab if you are using rtMedia with BuddyPress. If not, you can use gallery shortcode -> to show media gallery.

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