Gallery thumbnails aren't showing

I can’t seem to get the gallery thumbnails to show. It’s the same as your demo site. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Kindly check if those albums have media uploaded. If you see the demo site for admin albums you will find thumbnails

Thanks for the reply. The albums have some test images in them but no thumbs. A link to the page is below:


@scott-gorman-988, it was a minor bug and has been solved. It will be updated in next release.

My photos have thumbnails, however my videos show the default image of like in Scott's example above.

Will video files have a thumbnail? I notice when videos are uploaded on the groups home page, it has a thumbnail, just not when shown in the media tab.

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For video thumbnails you must need to activate audio/video encoding service. You can find it under rtMedia admin -> addon tab. For more details you can refer this document ->

Note: Video thumbnails can not be generated by default. It requires encoding or you can manually set video thumbnail by editing the video.