Gallery Shortcode Page - "Next" Link doesn't work


Clicking on the link takes you to http://siteaddress/wall-posts/media/pg/2 and this gives a 404. Please advise



There was a glitch with pagination, however, such a link shouldn't exist in the system. Could you post your site url, here?

Maybe this is another glitch. we've made some more changes in the code and will be releasing another update in the next few hours. If this is a bug, we'd want to fix it in 3.0.3.



Thank you ... I sent you the information. I do appreciate the quick response and your time.


Hi, I didn’t hear anything more on this. I checked it using twentytwelve and the “next” link doesn’t work. Is there a way to get the “Load More” back at the bottom of the page where you use the gallery shortcode to show sitewide activity?


re-save permalink structure and then try next button, it should work.


@Nitun :slight_smile: I tried resaving permalink structure and it still doesn’t work. Is my shortcode ok?
[rtmedia_gallery global=“true” context=“post” media_type=“photo”]


Its strange, re-save permalink should work. We have fixed the media URL for number of users. provide me login details in my email @ , will check that.

[rtmedia_gallery global=“true” context=“post” media_type=“photo”]

This shortcode will display all the photos of your WordPress posts which are uploaded via rtMedia uploader.


I also still have this issue.
I just updated to version, and resaved permalinks structure.
When you click on the next link it disappears and no next page is shown.


Cross check it by deactivating other plugins and current theme.