Gallery shortcode not displaying images

I am using the rtmedia_gallery shortcode in conjunction with the Events Manager plugin to allow users to upload images on event pages (events are a custom post type). This is the shortcode I am using:

[rtmedia_gallery context=event context_id=#_EVENTPOSTID media_type=photo media_title=false privacy=0 uploader=after]

Normally when images are uploaded by users, a thumbnail grid is shown on the event page in place of the shortcode. Users are still able to upload images, but now they are not displaying on the pages. Not sure when this started happening (probably in the last few days). Possibly it’s related to CloudFront, as that is where the images are saved.

Has anyone ever experienced this?

I should add that #_EVENTPOSTID is an Events Manager placeholder and has worked until the last few days, so the problem may lie with that plugin. I should also add that the shortcode will display previously uploaded images if a user first uploads one or more images of his own. But if the page is refreshed, all of the images disappear again.

I tried replacing #_EVENTPOSTID with a hard coded valid event post id, and that fixed the display problem. So it seems like an issue with the shortcode interpreting the #_EVENTPOSTID value. I have a support ticket in with Events Manager as well.

This turned out to be an Events Manager issue. Please disregard. Thanks anyway!