Gallery gutter sizing issue

Hi I am using masonry style grid in rtmedia to display my galleries. It works great when i have all landscape images, however as soon as I put in a portrait image the gutter between the images is too big.

Is this to do with the gutter setting? I’ve tried editing the example on codepen from that website for the gutter and it seems to work, but I’m not sure where to edit the file for rtmedia.

I am using Twenty Fourteen child theme.

Hi @jazvh,

Sorry to say but there is no setting available for specifying gutter.

If you want to try it by editing code you can find the masonry JavaScipt code here ->

Note : If you update core JavaSript file code, then it will be vanished when you update the plugin. So you need to update js code every-time you update rtMedia.

Thank you.