FXP support

I need support for FXP in order to work with non cPanel hosts when making site transferrs.

Is there a way to enable it in OpenSSH (which I believe is what is providing SFTP support on your Easy Engine servers) or any other way in EE for that matter?

This is first time I heard about FXP.

May I know what is usecase for it?

If your old server has shared hosting and doens’t support ssh/rsync, its better to use ncftp on new server (where you have easyenigne installed)

See: https://rtcamp.com/tutorials/wordpress/migration-with-zero-downtime/#using-ncftp-fast-enough

That way files will be directly transferred from one server to another server.

If you know any special feature of fxp, please let us know. We would be happy to add support for best tools in easyengine. :slight_smile:

Apparently its not very widely supported and yours is pretty much the answer I got everywhere I asked.

The use case, in this instance, was website transfer without intermediary download to/from local machine.

I the end I found a much better way, although not programmatic way to resolve the issue, and that is back-up to remote online storage and restore from there.

So now I have my short-term problem solved I am just waiting for site transfer to built into EE.


Hi Terence,

Sorry for delayed reply. I was on 10-day vipassana meditation break (http://www.dhamma.org/)

About FXP, I will go through link and other related details.

In any case, future version - https://github.com/rtCamp/easyengine/issues?milestone=8&state=open will have server-to-server site migration feature implemented.

Excellent news ~ about the migration feature I mean… 8^)