Future Feature Suggestions

What features would you like to see in the future versions of rtPanel?

High Priority

  • An icon and place for StackOverflow (I would love it if the Icon was in the same style as the other icons in the sprite).

Medium Priority

  • The preview mode to respect formatting
  • In the style, the right column (that has things like Archives, Top Categories, etc) should be the same width as the right most column in the footer section (which has About rtPanel).

Nice to have

  • More plugin supported (love this concept by the way!), i.e. W3 Total Cache if that makes sense, etc.

submit/search button on the search box (instead of type and hit enter)will be great and help much to those who browse the site using mobile phone. thanks for the great team…

High Priority

  • An icon for GitHub that has the same style and maybe a google reader icon.

google+1 button on rtsocial next release as soon as possible will be great…

Recent post and Popular post widgets with thumbnails.

@vdhant - The subscribe widget is just a bonus feature. This can be extended using the child theme. You can extend the same widget and add your custom icons in the child theme. Even the plugin support are plugins that work on rtpanel on the fly. We may extend the list, or we may put hook for people to add their custom plugins in there.

@sulistyo - The latest version of rtSocial now has google+ and pinterest buttons too.
Also the submit/search button on the search box has been added in the latest release of rtPanel.

@viveknath - This again would be an overload of widgets. rtPanel should be looked more as a Theme Framework here. But these widgets can registered in the child theme. We would release lots of child themes with extra features so that the framework remains a minimal.

Your plugin sounds similar to the Social Media Feather plugin I use. You offer Pinterest and they don't, but they offer Redditt and you don't. Any chance you'll be adding Redditt?