Functionality issues/questions

Hi, have a few questions; I think this is the best place to ask.

  • Wondering when this plugin will be included in a member's activity stream? 
  • Similar to above, when will each uploaded media be associated to the individual member who uploaded it?
  • Is there any documentation on using PHP shortcodes for adding things like 'media upload' in other sections of the website rather than under the 'media' tab only? ie. adding an 'upload' action to the main nav versus hidden under the media tab?
Thanks, CG

Hi CG,We have added Media Streaming. Please check out the latest version.Now you can also mark activity as a Favorite.Along with this, media owner is also shown.
As of now, we have now media will be available only under media tab.

Thanks for your input. :slight_smile:

Hi,Just wondering if I need to make theme changes?  I’m really impressed by how easy it was to install, activate, upload and play videos.  It works beautifully.

Unfortunately, I don’t see anything on the profile page or in the activity stream.  I only see the media on the media tab.  Or, is this simply the functionality that exists now?

I’m on BP   and WPMU 2.9.2 using plugin version 1.2.1

I expect to upgrade to BP 1.2.3 soon - I hope that is the solution?


Sorry to be pushy, but I’m really looking forward any kind of solution!

Thanks in advance


Hi Sleepdancer,

What Kaltura Account you are using?
Please try with new (free) account (Whose limitations of bandwidth/size) are not exceeded.
OR try reinstalling (with deleting table for the plugin).  
In case, if still have problems, please send me details of server to test.

FYI, we are coming up with following features…

  1. User album
  2. Privacy for media
  3. Adding button in posts to easily add Media
  4. Video page
  5. Audio page
  6. Media upload in groups
  7. Photo Tagging
  8. Widgets for Most Recent, Popular, Rated

P.S. We are also finalizing support for Internationalization

Thanks very much Kapil!
I will try again and get back if failed!

Have a nice day!


I seem to be having the same issue as sleepdancer. The installation is smooth and there were no errors. I’m able to upload and my uploads show up in the kaltura website. However, nothing shows up under media. 

I'm running the latest version of Wp 2.9.2, BP 1.2.3, and 1.2.x of the media software. I've tried deleting the plugin as well as manually removing the table from the database. My test site is hosted on dreamhost. 
Any thoughts? 

Hi Meighty,
Please show me the URL. This usually happens when Kaltura’s free account limitations (Bandwidth and/or upload limit) are exceeded.
If you are using KalturaCE, You can change the limit from KMC >> Account >> Server Settings >> click “Advanced Settings” to

expand >> Miscellaneous >> Change Upload limit as you wish.
If still you are facing problem, please allow me to test more details on your server.
You can mail me directly from here .
Thanks :slight_smile:

Updated the code. Please download the latest code.
Thanks for reporting the bug :slight_smile:

Hi Kapil!

I still have the same problem. What code did you mention?



Hi Sleepdancer,

I have crosschecked on my mediaTemple(VPS) as well as Dreamhost(Shared) account and its working fine.
With Following config...
PHP Version 5.2.6 and 5.2.13 
WP 2.9.2 + BP 1.2.3 / BP 1.2.4 / BP
WP 3.0 Beta(2) + BP
And with WPMU 2.9.2
I have also tested with Free Kaltura Account as well as KalturaCE 1.5(Beta) with and without CDN!
May I know what is your Servers config? :)

I have a question, its there suppose to be a media tab in the user profiles? Because there isn’t any on my site.

Hi Eclipsal,

We are closing to finish many features in this component. Please check Images. Final testing is going on and by this weekend, we will try to release code for new features…

Glimpse of controls that has been added are shown in attached images. There are many more that this…Please stay tuned on for more updates

[attachment=399,4] [attachment=399,5]

Thanks I cant wait for the new release.

Hello all,

New features release if uploaded, Please check here.
Apologies for inconvenience. I will be posting feature list on 

Hi Raymondmannion,
Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:
Activity Streaming is working properly. Please check here.
Till now we have put so many hours making this Open Source Component useful for users. And to fulfill demands of features requests, we will be gradually adding new features to it. We are doing our best to put more resources on it.
To speed up the development, your support will allow us to put more resources on this and make this a niche component for BP community. :slight_smile:

Thanks Kapil,
I am so grateful that you are working on this as I think it is the single biggest component needed in Buddypress.
I’m not a fantastic PHP guy but I’ve been working on wordpress for a couple of years now and have made a couple of my own plugins.  Is there some way I can get involved and help?  Or are donations the best way to contribute?
Thanks again for this amazing plugin.

PS - Sorry - I didn’t see anything on that link you posted other than it shows you made a comment on a video. 

I think people’s expectation is that if you go to their profile page, it will show media they’ve uploaded.  Or, a tab/link to a page that shows all their media similar to Facebook.  I’ll check that link again to see what I can see.

Dear developers,

I have a problem with the bp media component. I installed, the new media component appeared on the page. I can upload files, and they appear on Kaltura web page, but not on mine ( I tried everything, re-installation, configurations, access controls…but the content doesnt appear on my site.

Would you be so kind to give me some tips?

Thank you in advance!

Mate Varga

Hi Kapil,

Sorry to bother you again. I was trying again with several things whitout a good result.

It came to my mind, that there could be a problem under the Kaltura settings/integration settings/Miscellaneous. I’am not sure that I wrote the right data here, I just simly put my site’s URL here like this (attached)<img src="//"" /><img src="//"" />

, but I found this text in the help:

User Page & Media Page URL format To integrate Kaltura

on your site so that entry objects can be displayed in galleries, the

Kaltura entry object has 2 parameters:

[partnerLandingPage][userLandingPage] To point to these parameters, you

can do 1 of 2 things:

                    • Enter a base URL to which Kaltura will append the user ID/Entry ID.   

                    • Enter the URL syntax of your choice, and make sure you add {uid} for users and {id} for entries.  

I’m not sure if I understand this well, can you help to clarify this?

Thanks very much