Function for creating Custom Icons for Document Types

Hey there... Might you provide an example function for how to designate custom icons for each document file type?

Many thanks.

p.s. I feel like I got answer to this before, but I can't locate it in the forums— so sorry if this is a dup.

May be ;) here

Yeah, I think that entry was what I was thinking about @Laurett, but I need a solution that is document-type-specific...


Any insight into this one @joshuaabenazer?

@jaemaz, as of now rtMedia provide thumbnail for media type. So, it is not possible to have different thumbnail for each document type.

We had created an issue regarding this. You can track it here ->

Hi Ritesh,

I actually just opened a new support ticket for the answer to this. In the link for this issue you reference above, you say that it is fixed— but I still see no way to change the default thumbnails for Document, Audio, & Video

HI Jason,

We just had added support for custom thumbnails for different file extensions. It will be available in next release scheduled to be released in next two weeks.