Full Image Size Only in Attachment Display Settings

I really love this plugin! Thank you so much for making it available!!

When I upload media using rtmedia instead of through the Media Library, and then try to add the media to a post, the only size option listed in the Insert Media dialog box under "Attachment Display Settings" is Full Size. rtmedia is creating all three sizes, but they are not included in the drop down menu when adding media to a post. When I add media from the Media Library, all three image sizes are available in the drop down menu in the Insert Media dialog box.

I realize that I can resize the image in the post, but I am hoping you have a solution for me. I like being able to just pick the medium size from the Insert Media dialog box.

Thank you!

@fromtheheartstamps - Thanks for bringing this issue to our notice. We are looking into this and will get back to you once this has been resolved.

Thank you!

@fromtheheartstamps, the issue reported by you has been fixed and released with rtMedia v3.2.12. Please update rtMedia and let us know regarding the same.

It is working for me! Thank you!! This is a great fix!