FTP Jails for Users' Directories


With the need for www-data to own files/folders for updates / execution to work in WordPress, is there an easy (read: automated) way to set up FTP jails for each user in their respective /var/www/domain.com folder, so they can access, upload, and edit site files - with multiple instances on the same server?

Would this require a big overhaul of the nginx server blocks?


Not yet.



Just the answer I was looking for. Thanks!

Is this in the works?


All I know is there is a brand new EaseyEngine being rewritten from scratch. I can’t confirm anything, since I’m just a user just like you (perpahs with a little more experience, nothing else).


It would take some time.


I have published a tutorial about FTP configuration with multiple users and directory restriction :


Any update on that ?