Freemius Crashing Entire Website

The API connection is going crazy. Look at those curl timeouts, 60 seconds per license? 31 rtcamp plugins, 31 * 60 seconds = HOLY SHIT.

Site’s completley unresponsive since Freemius api server is down or unresponsive. I’m going through and removing all the license checks from the php right now.

I changed the to localhost for a while. Looks like their site is now responding again, although errors in wp-admin still persist. It’s back to again.

When the site was unresponsive, netstat showed 432 connections to’s IP at the time. That’s crazy.

Best to add all the licensing for each plugin into the core and just check them all at once with a single array with all the keys instead of individually. I dont know why we need 30 requests to every time I load an admin page to check a license. Each check takes a half second, slows the site down. :wink:

@illusionsglass I’m the lead developer at Freemius and I’ll be handling this issue. Just to clarify, when you say that you are using 31 rtcamp plugins, do you mean that it’s a multi-site?

Hi @vovafeldman glad to see you here. :slight_smile:

rtMedia Pro used to be one plugin. Now there are 31 individual plugins rather than one “Pro” plugin. Each of the rtMedia addon plugins takes a feature from Pro, and is then in its own plugin file.

Query monitor shows individual http requests for each of the rtMedia addon plugins – contacting it for updates / license checks – and with the excessive curl timeouts that means pages will load pretty slow because they are waiting for the timeout on each response. It gets ugly fast!

A better way would be for rtMedia to put the license keys in an array and then send that array to or (they seem to use both) and check all at once, return once with the response also in an array and then it can if the server or is down, we’ve only got one curl timeout as an issue, rather than dozens.

This is a single site install, not multisite.



@rahul286 @faishalsaiyed did you include Freemius Insights into all of your add-ons?

@vovafeldman No, we haven’t added Freemius code inside our premium add-ons. Its only for rtMedia core plugin.

@illusionsglass we are working on 31 add-ons license checker code, hope we will soon find some solution on it. Sorry for the trouble.

We’ll fix it in the upcoming release (it has nothing to do with rtMedia licensing). I already opened an issue on GitHub (tried to share the link here but there is some restrication since I’m a new users).


Thanks for the update. I can see the mentioned issues already fixed We will cross check it soon. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast update to the Freemius SDK. Much appreciated guys!

Why are we still flooding outbound IP requests to your AWS server?

root@server1 [/]# more /root/bin/check
netstat -n | grep :80 | awk '{print $5}' | cut -d: -f1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -n

echo "Total:"

netstat -n | grep :80 | awk '{print $5}' | cut -d: -f1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -n | wc -l

root@server1 [/]# check
Total: 100
root@server1 [/]#

The script shows 100 current connections to The site that uses the plugin gets about 50,000 pageviews a day +/-.

I keep an eye on IP connections to watch for brute forces and things like that. There’s always around 75-125 connections to which is the Freemius API server ( )

Shouldn’t the license checks or connections to Freemius only occur on wp-admin pageloads? My guess is that they are loading on all page loads, because I’m rarely in the wp-admin on the site, or on the site at all except perhaps once a day. All we’re doing is flooding AWS with requests it appears.