Folder Structure and Permissions

I noticed a lot of changes with the release of EE4 and one of the main ones that affect me is the file/folder structure and permissions. I use a WP management application called IWP which maintains all our sites, does updates, etc. One of the features we use lets us clone existing sites onto our newly setup server via SFTP and some scripts to set everything up.

As of EE4 the folder structure has changed to /var/lib/docker/volumes/yoursitecom_htdocs/_data so I updated the folder location where IWP was expecting to find the site files but then I notice they permissions for www-data seem to be different. I am not that good with Linux so I am reading up on how to give www-data permission to the files and folders so IWP can upload the backup file, extract the files, run the scripts to recover the database, etc but I wanted to make sure I am doing it correctly and securely.

Can someone advice on the best way to go about this? IWP is a web-based dashboard and doesn’t have a way to use a key file so I have to use SFTP to access the site which I have been previously just using the www-data user since it already had all the correct access to the root folder but that seems to have changed in EE4. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Go to /opt/easyengine/sites/

In the directory you can also find the config directory, which has the directories for php, nginx etc

Thank you for that reply. I have been stressing about this for so long. Of course the moment I got rename it to wp-config.php.old the issues stop. I guess it was looking for Redis with the old settings which was causing a redirect.

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Sucks that it took up that much of your time, don’t worry a lot of us have been there with the new folder structures when EE4 came out. Glad you got it all sorted. This community is very helpful so if there’s ever anything else be sure to ask about it and I’m sure someone will be quick to respond :slight_smile:

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