Flash (swf) file does not display in given dimensions

I love the rtPanel theme but I can not find a solution to make my custom SWF files display with the given dimensions in px.
Is there a specific plugin you could recommend? Right now, I have tried using:

but that too does not give me the true dimensions of the swf.
The swf files do display correctly on my current theme so I know that they are ok.

Thank you kindly for your reply :slight_smile:

Edit! I just copied the width=“0” and height=“0” from the default … I DO use the correct dimensions like 1040 x 640 but the swf always displays the size of a small business card.
I am hopeful to have a fix for this because otherwise, the theme is perfect for what I do.

Hi v4ncouver,
Can you please share site url? So I can debug the issue.