Fix for running module on MAMP

if you run active collab on MAMP (OSX or Windows) git can/will crash because MAMP sets DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH so MAMP can use it’s own versions of libraries like iconv. To fix this you can modify your exec() calls to set DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=’’ before running commands.

For example in controllers/ProjectTrackingGitoliteController.class.php where you run the line:
$command = “cd “.$dir.” && git add *” …
change to:
$command = “DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=’’ && cd “.$dir.” && git add *” …

That’s what I had to do to get this plugin to work on MAMP. I found out git was crashing because an index.lock file would appear in the gitolite-admin repo folder.

Hey petrocket, Thanks for your Suggestion, we will add this to next release.


Thanks for workaround. :-)

This addon is developed on Mac but not tested with MAMP.

As Faishal said, we will add this among other things in next release (hopefully in July)

By the way, we use brew for development on Mac.